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Tile services. As you know, ceramic tile services installation are the most practical and high-quality finishing material for floor and wall cladding in the kitchen, bathroom, pool and other areas. But how did she manage to win her popularity?

First, the ceramic tile is not afraid of moisture and has a water-repellent surface.

Secondly, It has a high degree of wear resistance.

Third, modern ceramics are represented by hundreds of design options, so that everyone can choose a tile to their liking.

Fourth, the ceramics are very easy to clean and clean.

In a word, tile is a wonderful material. With its help you can realize the most ambitious design ideas.
However, tile laying is a complex process and requires a certain skill.

Tile services, Maxtile and Decorative stone
ceramic tile
Tile services, Maxtile and Decorative stone
Tile services, Maxtile and Decorative stone

Stone installation

Having all the properties of a natural analogue, an artificial stone has several advantages:

Manufacturability. The undoubted advantage of artificial stone is its manufacturability, ease and ease of installation in comparison with natural stone.

Ecological compatibility

Environmentally friendly and harmless material: it does not absorb water, fats, dirt, and as a consequence, unlike natural stone, does not release toxins into the atmosphere, and among other things, it is easily cleaned with detergents.

Variety of colors

Artificial stone has almost no limitations in the choice of color and texture options.

Stone installation
Stone installation
Stone installation
natural stone, stone installation
Marble in the kitchen

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The color of the material does not change with time, and the effect of weather conditions only improves the appearance of the stone, which eliminates the need for special care for the lining.

Moisture resistance

Artificial stone is moisture-proof, but do not forget that if it is in close proximity to water,
The more chlorinated (for example, if they trimmed the pool), then the properties of the artificial stone can change.

Heat resistance

The artificial stone is not combustible and is resistant to temperature changes. Therefore, interior designers widely apply it in the cladding of fireplace portals. Only the glue in this case should be heat-resistant.

Practicality and durability of artificial stone

Artificial stone is resistant to temperature and mechanical influences, to the influence of ultraviolet radiation and various chemicals, coffee, oil, iodine, etc.

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